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All You Need is Louvre

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Paris is one of my mother’s favorite cities, if not the top contender. For me, it was always nice but I never saw what all the fuss was about. Yes it’s one of those main big European citie... Read More

War(saw) and Peace

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First thing’s first. Everyone should visit Poland. I know, I know, who goes to Poland? People visiting Europe want to see Paris, or London, or Rome. I get it. I understand. However, I strongly s... Read More

London Calling

I do apologize as this post will be less of a tourist guide on London and more of a college student’s guide to fun! That’s right, this weekend I journeyed back to the place I spent the for... Read More

Dublin the fun even Moher

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Top of the morning to ya! Nobody says that in Ireland. However, everyone is ridiculously friendly. We looked it up and Ireland is actually one of the most friendly towards tourists nations in the worl... Read More

Venice: v. nice

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In a shout out to my best friend, Jess, I wrote the title the way she would talk/text. V stands for very, in case you were wondering. And very it sure was! If I could never leave Venice, that would be... Read More


Before I begin, let me just say that by putting “darn” in the title, I am in no way bad-mouthing my trip this weekend, I had an absolutely splendid time! I just thought I’d be one ce... Read More

An…you’re being a Twerp

My art class has been going strong with these weekend trips. For the second Sunday in a row we left Brussels to explore a town rich with history and art. This time, it was Antwerp! The ville is about... Read More

Why you gotta be so Brugge?

This weekend marked the first trip I took with my art class. I’ll give you three tries to guess where we went. Any takers? No? Fine then! Brugge, (in Dutch) or Bruges (in French) is in the hear... Read More

Feeling the Lux-ury

This weekend marked my first trip out of Brussels since I got here. It also was my maiden voyage to a new country! Granted I have been to roughly 25, this is a hard feat to accomplish. Hence, Luxembo... Read More

Trams and Internships

Yesterday I witnessed a public transportation phenomenon that I simply don’t believe would occur elsewhere. The tram line I needed to go home was interrupted due to traffic or an accident, I&#8... Read More

Can I pass this port?

This weekend had a, shall we say, rocky start. The plan was to go to Cologne, Germany with my roommate and two of our friends. I’d been there before and was looking forward to the prospect of se... Read More

And so it begins!

Greetings from the land of waffles and cheese! To be honest, I’ve yet to eat a Belgian waffle but I have been no stranger to cheese, not to worry. The supermarkets (which pop up on virtually ev... Read More

Les Premiers Jours

It is my second full day here in Belgium, full being a loose term seeing as I can’t seem to get up before 2pm. Granted that this is not that far out of the ordinary for me, I’m still going... Read More

Off to Brussels…

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Sitting at the gate at the airport I realize that I am the sole American going to Belgium. No one is speaking in English. I’m glad the phone call I made was in Russian, my fellow passengers may ... Read More